2021 Volvo XC40

Volvo is lastly prepared to present its very first series-produced electric car after investing years testing and developing the technology. The EV will be based on the existing XC40, so it will not be a stand-alone model. It’s arranged to make its launching in October 2019, and the company released initial specs to give us an idea of what to get out of it. We know it will be the company’s first car equipped with an Android-powered infotainment system developed collectively with Google.

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2021 Volvo XC40 Platform

Beginning with an existing platform has advantages and disadvantages. The routine, gasoline-powered XC40, is already one of the best cars in its category thanks in part to its internal combustion engine. It’s installed right in front of the car, so it takes in energy during a front-end crash. The battery-powered model does not have a four-cylinder crumple zone, so Volvo revamped the front structure to accomplish the high level of safety its consumers expect.

Including a huge, lithium-ion battery pack under the traveler compartment presents a challenge from a security viewpoint, too. Like a fuel tank, the pack needs to be protected from effects because it’s combustible. Volvo discussed it welded an aluminum safety cage around the battery to soak up energy throughout a crash, and to ensure the battery pack doesn’t get punctured or otherwise damaged. As a bonus offer, stuffing the battery pack– which is one of the heaviest parts of the car– under the traveler compartment decreases the center of gravity, and minimizes the possibility of a rollover.

Welding more metal around essential elements isn’t enough to make a car safe. Safeguarding the residents also needs a huge amount of hardware and software, so the electrical XC40 will inaugurate an innovative driver support systems platform established collectively by Volvo and Zenuity. It depends on an armada of radars, cameras, and ultrasonic sensing units to scope out the road ahead, warn the chauffeur if it discovers a hazardous situation, and do its best to avoid it if possible. The platform is scalable, according to Volvo, and it will be upgraded with more features as technology advances.

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Volvo affectionately described the gasoline-powered XC40 as a tough little robot. Sketches confirm the electrical model stands apart with a body-colored insert in the area normally occupied by the grille and a redesigned rear bumper without holes for the exhaust tips. The Swedish company also designed 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels specifically for the electric XC40.

2021 Volvo XC40 Interior

Inside, drivers face an electric-specific variation of the XC40’s digital instrument cluster. It displays crucial information, like the drivetrain’s status. Carpets made with recycled materials reflect Volvo’s dedication to reducing the quantity of plastic drifting around the world’s oceans. The Android-powered infotainment system– an industry initially for a production car– features Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play Store. Volvo described it had spent the previous few years developing the software application collectively with the California-based tech giant. The XC40 will be able to get over-the-air software application updates, and it will comply with commands spoken through smart device devices.

  2021 Volvo XC40 Engine

Volvo pledged to release additional details about the battery-powered XC40 in the coming weeks, so we’ll quickly learn what kind of technology it’s packed with. The car is set up to make its launching on October 16, and it will go on sale shortly after. Rates details and American accessibility will be announced in the weeks leading up to its on-sale date.

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